Hello from Italy
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Forfatter:  Sbiriguda [ 14. maj 2018 17:46:00 ]
Titel:  Hello from Italy

in order to enroll to this forum I struggled with Danish anti-spamming questions until I got one I know: what is Tuborg? It's beer, and google translate says "øl"
I am from Italy and I am searching some info on diving in Denmark. I am curious about this. I saw all over the world many skilled Danish divers, and I would like to see some diving spots in Denmark.
Bye for now

Forfatter:  FlemmingR [ 18. maj 2018 09:36:02 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy


First: Denmark is absolutely no Mekka for diving - unless you are into wreck diving. We do have a rather high number of ship wrecks around the Danish coasts. The most of Denmark is mainly sand bottom - only a few stone reefs - no rocky shores what so ever.

Second: There are not much dive operators in Denmark. Most diving is done on either private basis or via dive clubs, so coming to Denmark to dive as an individual may prove difficult.

If you are interested in nature diving in Nordic waters I would more recommend Sweden or Norway. Beautiful rocky coast diving teaming with life.

This small video is shot on the Swedish west cost in two diving days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjuZO4PAAFw

and was at our favorite dive operator www.dykleif.se

Forfatter:  Ole Juhl [ 22. maj 2018 22:25:53 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

Hi Flemming

You are not quite fair... :D

We have, as you write, a lot of accessabel ship wrecks and on top of that some “flower diving”.
Lillebælt, Aggersund, Sangstrup North of Greenå, seval harbour piers at Fuen and Jutland.

Long the coasline of Skagen you will find ship wrecks that you can reach from the shore or only few minuts by RIB.
Some interestering dive are also possible at the island Bornholm.

I Dk there are dive shops/centers that are arranging daytrips mostly in weekends, and by request the most of them arrange evening trips in the summer, but not like its done i the Red Sea or other warm water areaes.

you will proberly need a drysuit or thick wetsuit, because you are used to warmer waters.

Forfatter:  FlemmingR [ 23. maj 2018 07:17:41 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

Hi Ole

I do not disagree with your points, however I don't think they contradict my point of Denmark not being a "Mekka for divers". You have got to use a broader perspective, seeing things from the view of - in this case - an Italian diver, whose experiences with out of own country diving most likely are coral reefs.

Even though many divers (like myself) can find interest in nature diving, also in Denmark, the lack of visibility, the cold water the very simple topography generally found i Danish water will be a bit of at turn off - especially if you compare to what can be found on the northern west coast of Sweden and in Norway.

I am not saying "Do not go to Denmark for diving" - I am just saying that if I as a southern European would like to take on some cold water diving, there are far more obvious options available - also with respect to dive centers offering "all inclusive" like my favorite mentioned in my original entry :)

Forfatter:  Ole Juhl [ 23. maj 2018 08:34:41 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy


I think it's a personal opinion what's a Mekka and what's not.
I agree DK are not like the Red Sea, the Mediterranium, the Coral Triangel or the Caribian - it's different.

Perhaps I'm a diving geek - but I very much like to dive a lot in DK at different places and My personal perspective is that DK have something different to offer, some of them you won't see any other place in the world.
One thing I'm very fond of, are the variations of sceneary - move 50 km and it's a total different scenery.

Forfatter:  FlemmingR [ 23. maj 2018 11:50:50 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

I totally agree Ole - and if I travel to a country where there is water, I will dive. However if I plan a dedicated dive holiday (not wrecks), Denmark would not be on my list. I can't think of any objective reason not to continue to either Sweden or Norway.

Again: If Denmark is the selected holiday destination (for other reasons) I would dive here. There are (as you mention) some relative beautiful nature dive sites here, but if you drive just 3 hours north into Sweden the quality is just so much better - on nature encounters, topography and on available dive operators.

Forfatter:  Ole Juhl [ 23. maj 2018 12:41:59 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy


That's your choice, and I understand why you like Norway and Sweden.

Sure DK is not a Dive Center country - perhaps because nobody looks for the beauty.... :wink:
I understand the attraction for Norway and Sweden, on the other hand - I could easy use a week of diving and excursions in DK.

Take a trip along the coastline of Langeland, there you will have it all - wrecks, nature, fish, and OK-clear water, beautiful nature above sea-level.
Or jump to Skagen, you'll have all that + easy acces to wrecks from the shore.
On the way to Skagen you can dive Lillebaelt, can be a challange - but it's worth it.
Jump in the water of Aggersund - also a challenge, perhabs more than Lillebaelt - colorful - but keep away if there are currant.

Buttom line - DK is not a developed dive turisem country - you have to arrange the trip and contact dive shops yourself, and probably bring your own equipment.
If you do so, there are many interesting experiences under and above sea level.

Forfatter:  Sbiriguda [ 26. jun 2018 08:58:05 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

Hello thank you for your suggestions
In Italy we have also similar conditions to Denmark, in the lakes.
I lake Como or Maggiore there is low visibility, cold water, little life, and also no wrecks. Unless for wrecks you mean tyres or old Fiat cars
In the Alpine lakes it's even worse. In Lavarone in winter you can dive under the ice. There is almost only mud there, and the temperature out of the water is deadly cold. But after you can show off and tell all the people that you have dived under the ice

I am curious about Denmark because I know there are several important wrecks, I am interested especially in submarines. I have my own gear and I am Advanced Open Water so I could dive not more than 30 mt deep

I like Denmark and from time to time I travel there, so I am also curious to see the marine life, I don't expect it to be Egypt or Maldives but I would like to see what there is underwater there. Thanks again for your hints

Forfatter:  Sbiriguda [ 26. jun 2018 09:07:56 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

I was watching the videos in Sweden, very impressive I didn't know about this dive
I know that in Norway they also have a dive with orcas, did any of you try that?
I am curious about this, it is likely that these animal are actually not dangerous for humans but I would like to get info from people who tried to dive with them

Forfatter:  Sbiriguda [ 26. jun 2018 09:13:52 ]
Titel:  Re: Hello from Italy

FlemmingR skrev:
I totally agree Ole - and if I travel to a country where there is water, I will dive

I will give you two hints about places in Italy not all the people know about. You seem to be experience divers perhaps you already know them, anyway
Sunken Roman city of Baia (Naples)

Sunken town of Capo d'Acqua (Abbruzzo)
It's a medioeval town sunken in a lake, all around you can see the Gran Sasso and Maiella mountains that look more or less like the Alps even though it's in southern Italy
http://www.capestranodascoprire.it/natu ... capodacqua

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